Paul A Drockton M.A.
Paul Drockton M.A.
One of a Handful in the world with perfect scores on various, prof  administered, IQ Tests.

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Paul A Drockton grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area, attending school, playing football and working various jobs from a paper route at the age of 6, to his father's Convenient Food Mart through middle school and high school. "My father took great pride in his work ethic and we were expected to do the same," states Mr. Drockton.  After skipping the 12th grade, Paul went into the United States Air Force for the next 4 years. He was discharged with his fair share of service commendations, the rank of Sgt., and his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. All at the age of 21.

" I worked rotating shifts, he explains, "Had to trade days off in order to go to school. I was 17 years old when I went in the Air Force, but I knew how to work." It paid off for him in spades.

Paul also joined the Mormon Church at the age of 18, after his first near-death experience. He studied every religion he could get a book on, had a series of Spiritual experiences that first led to his conversion to Jesus Christ and the Bible, then the Book of Mormon. "I credit Mormonism for helping me to stay on the straight and narrow," he admits.

After his 4 years in the Air Force, Paul volunteered to serve a two year mission for the Mormon Church at his own expense. "I sold my cars (he had two) and everything else I owned to be able to go. The hardest thing to let go of was my Fender guitar."

He was assigned to the Montevideo, Uruguay Mission and is credited with bringing hundreds of souls into the Mormon Church. "I taught them about Jesus and the Bible, and to obey the 10 Commandments. I also taught them the importance of prayer." he explains. His mission President credited him with being one of the most successful missionaries in Uruguay history.

Upon returning to Cleveland, Paul met his lifelong companion, Mary. They were married in the Washington DC Temple and have 6 children.

After obtaining his Masters Degree, Paul was a Professor at a local University and developed various methods for teaching reading, composition, math and study skills. He opened American Tutors and at one time employed 30 part-time teachers. His Book, "American Tutors Manual For Learning", sold out in the first edition, and is still used today. His greatest success, he claims, was in helping numerous struggling students achieve academic success. He sold the business when he went into politics and started a scratch Insurance Agency with Farmers Insurance.

Paul ran for mayor of a city of about 100,000 people. He was the first Republican in over 30 years to run in the Democratically dominated area. After literally knocking every door in the city, he defeated the former mayor and nearly defeated the sitting one. It was his first attempt at running for office. He became a leader in the Ohio Republican Party and helped elect Congressmen, State Officials and local ones.

He spearheaded a City Charter movement and was elected as Vice-Chairman of the Charter Commission where many of his reforms were adopted, including term limits, checks and balances and open government reforms.

His Insurance Agency won numerous awards from Farmers Insurance and he was promoted to District Manager over Fort Wayne Indiana. "I invested in people as a manager and the results speak for themselves."  Paul was the top recruiter for the State of Indiana and won Manager of the Year awards for three straight years. He turned a 1.5 million dollar loss into a 1.5 million dollar gain in his first year, turned low producing agencies into some of the highest in the company, and won numerous National Awards from Farmers, including President's Council, the highest award of all.

Due to his success in Indiana, Paul was offerred one of the most lucrative Districts in the company in Mormon, Utah. "I saw it as a chance to raise my kids in a Mormon environment and the additional income was a great bonus. Paul hit the ground running and was the top recruiter and Manager for the State of Utah during his short tenure there.

"My manager was a Mormon hater, go figure," he laughs. Paul defended his Mormon agents and teh result was a war with the manager and eventually Farmers Insurance. Corrupt Mormon politicians defended the company and Drockton settled with Farmers and left. The war, however, continued. Farmers was faced with the very real possibility of losing large amounts of business in Mormon States because of Paul Drockton, and were able to use their corrupt Mormon allies to continue their attacks.

He believes they tried to kill him on numerous occasions, including a set-up car accident that left him severely injured. "If it don't kill you, it only makes you more determined," he quips.

Paul was harassed and cheated out of a Lending business, Real-Estate Development Business, Marketing Company and other successful operations he owned and operated. His animosity towards the Mormon Mafia led him to research and write about their organizations and corruptions. His articles have forced the resignations or defeat of numerous individuals including two Editors of the Mormon Church owned newspaper, a Congressman, members of the Utah State Legislator and various others. Including the Judge Lord Advocate of Scotland, for her involvement with a Pedophile ring.

After his stint as a wildly popular radio show host on Rense Radio, Paul decided to move over to the Republic Broadcasting Network, where his show is one of the most popular on the network. He is also know for his accurate financial predictions and sound financial advice. Paul has accurately predicted:

1. The 2001-02 Stock Market Collapse.
2. The Rise of the Euro
3. The mortgage collapse
4. The 2008 Stock Market Collapse
5. The dramatic rise in the price of silver
6. The dramatic rise in the price of gold.

He is the owner of Drockton Bullion LLC, which sells precious metals. His clients have made millions following his recommendations over the years. "I would have a perfect record, but the Fed decided to pump up the market in 2011 after its initial fall."

Paul has helped his clients preserve their wealth with precious metals investing, by far his biggest accomplishment.

You can hear Paul's show, Monday-Friday at 5-6 Central Time on the Republic Broadcasting Network. His website is InternetTruth.Org and he blogs at Moneyteachers.Org and

You can contact him at